Most Hopeful Sellers Planning Renovations

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Most Hopeful Sellers Planning Renovations This Year

By Kelly Leighton Apr. 18, 2023 2 min. read


Nearly three-quarters of Americans planning to do renovations this year also hope to list their home after.

According to Cinch Home Services, 94% of homeowners said they expect to do one or more home renovations this year, with 71% planning to sell their home. The majority (62%) of homeowners said they hope renovations will boost their home’s value, while 50% said they want to impress their friends with their projects. Nearly half (48%) said they are doing renovations to hope to sell their home and 36% want to update the inside.

Homeowners reported budgeting the most ($3,401) to redo their living room, followed by the bedroom ($2,911) and the kitchen ($2,884). Homeowners budgeted the least to redo the laundry room ($1,438) and the garage ($1,466). However, they’d be most likely to go over the budget for the living room, kitchen or bedroom projects.

The most popular design style for both the living room and bedroom is zen, with the paint color of green. The most popular one for the kitchen is cottage core with white as the paint and the most popular type of style for the bathroom is japandi with white walls.

When analyzing home renovation searches, the site found that clover lawns were the overwhelming favorite. It is expected that their popularity will grow by 400% this year. Other popular search terms include wall paneling, quartz countertop, sliding glass door and outdoor kitchen.

For those hoping to sell this year, 65% said their top concern is that their home needs repairs, 60% are worried about the outdated interior and 38% said their home doesn’t have trendy features.

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